Special Tours

Company or family functions or simply a transfer? The famous double decker buses can be rented or chartered for an individual tour! Give us a call and book your tour: +49 30 68 30 26 41 
The following tours are exclusive offers available only if you charter a bus. 

1. Berliner Schnauze

A born and bred Berliner with our typical humour, wit and sharp tongue will give you a very special take on the city.

2. Berlin and Potsdam – same but different

Die wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten von beiden Residenzstädten in einer Tour.

3. Berlin & Currywurst 'East-West de luxe'

Currywurst, the curried sausage, enjoys cult status in Berlin. This very special tour takes you to the most important sights and in process will give you the special opportunity of tasting a Currywurst in one of the hottest curried sausage chippies. 

4. 'Third Reich' – Germany under the Swastika.

Berlin, the capital of the Third Reich, was the centre of the Nazi terror regime. This tour leads to the original sites that are still present in the cityscape today.

You can choose between a pure bus tour (2h) as an overview tour or longer tours by bus with various extensively explained sections on foot. In the process, hardly known locations away from the large tourist flows are also visited. (For example the economic and administrative office, the SS hospital, etc.)

5. On the traces of the Berlin Wall

Almost 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we search for traces with you. Berlin has changed  but still we find references to this wall.

Original existing as for example in the street Bernauer Strasse, at the East Side Gallery, the wall remains in the street Niederkirchner Straße or, as a double line  of cobblestones in streets and sidewalks. Follow us and learn  more about the life in a formerly divided city

6. For Children (5-12 years) 

Our guides are presenting local history in a fun and playful manner using precise educational concepts.

7. Berlin – green and sporty

You climb the highest mountain, roll alongst the longest and nicest 30kmph Zone of Berlin and take over 'the pearl of the Havel.'

8. Get your swimsuit …

Or: have a nice boat trip … - have a swim in Lake Wannsee and than take the ferry to Kladow.

9. An Ostalgic Tour

Karl-Marx-Allee, Alex, Prenzlberg, Friedrichshain, antifascist protection wall, socialist Disneyland, East Side Gallery, Trabant cars and State Security – East Germany's capitol to the max! Ending at the DDR Museum or the Osteria.

10. Interactive Contest

This will show you the mostimportant sights of berlin as well as setting up a funny dialog between you and the guide: right answers result in points … whoever hast the most points in the end will win a price!

11. Around the Olympic Stadium 

The tour goes past to the palace Schloss Charlottenburg, through the Gründerzeit style exclusive residential area of Westend.

From there, it goes to the Olympic Stadium, the home stadium of Hertha BSC since 1963, the notorious open air-stage Waldbühne and the Olympic park. From the bell tower we enjoy the view over the Olympic buildings and the Berlin lakescape. Back over the streets Heerstraße and Masurenallee, pasting the radio tower Funkturm to the Kudamm (Kurfürstendamm) – Berlin‘s popular shopping mile.